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2020-2021 Staff

Abby Blackett


My name is Abby Blackett and I am currently studying Film and Media Arts at the University of Utah. Some of my favorite things to do are hiking, and photography. I love spending time outdoors, and exploring new places! I am very passionate about photography and the outdoors, and protecting nature. I also love playing sports, soccer and softball are my favorites!

Brian Landauer


Hi, my name is Brian Landauer. I’m from Flagstaff, Arizona. I’m currently a Freshman at the U studying Finance with a minor in Information Systems. I love doing anything outdoor-related, but rock climbing and mountain biking are definitely my favorites.

Nola Peshkin


Nola is a 1st year master’s student in English Literary and Cultural Studies. She loves being outside because she loves challenging myself, feeling connected to her body, and appreciating the natural beauty that surrounds us! She also likes working, learning, and teaching in outdoor spaces because sharing knowledge and experience is so powerful, and helps spread accessibility to these spaces. She...

Sam Karthan


Sam is an Environmental Studies and Sustainability Major and Psychology Minor. What he likes most about being outside is the time it allows him to think, be mindful of his surroundings and actions, and most of all play. He believes a child like curiosity and playfulness is essential to living a fulfilling life. For him, play means hiking, camping, climbing, and highlining, and typically involves a...

Julia Case


Julia Case is a fourth year student studying chemistry and environmental sustainability. She is passionate about climate change and environmental justice and believes that outdoor recreation can be a conduit to environmental stewardship and activism. Julia loves adventuring on her skis, her bike, and her own two feet. She joined Wasatch Magazine to put words to the joy experienced and lessons learned...

Colby Child


Colby is a junior studying Geography and Philosophy, and is entering his first year as a writer for the magazine. He believes that our engagement in outdoor recreation, and appreciation of wild places, should inspire greater care for our local ecosystems and the planet. His time in the backcountry is spent backpacking, peak bagging, skiing, climbing, and mountain biking. Colby loves the solitude,...

Sierra Marty


Sierra Marty is in her fourth year at Wasatch Mag. She is pursuing degrees in political science, criminology and social work. Being outside for her is an escape from a busy schedule. She is passionate about environmental advocacy and justice and has enjoyed learning more about these issues through her involvement on the magazine. Her favorite outdoor sports include trail running, peak bagging, fishing...

Camille Rousculp

Photographer/ Videographer

Camille Rousculp is a Film and Media Arts major at the University of Utah. Originally from New Mexico, she has grown to love spending time in the outdoors, including climbing, hiking, and kayaking. She is stoked to share her passion for the outdoors through the Wasatch Mag.

Julián Askov

Photographer/ Videographer

Julián is a freshman at the U, where he is studying to be a nurse practitioner and is hoping to get a minor in film or photography. He is very focused on initiatives such as creating a plastic free environment, renewable energy, and clean air. He participated and organized environmental service projects through scouting where he earned my Eagle Scout award. He also helped film and edit an environmental...

Aashna Shah

I am a third year student at the U studying math. The outdoors serves as a very special atmosphere for me because it has provided a platform for personal growth where the value of my accomplishments and experiences are solely intrinsic and absent from comparisons that plague my everyday life. It has provided unique moments of tranquility and joy, that I know find myself actively chasing. I acknowledge...

Ardyn Ford

Platform Manager

Ardyn is a fourth year student studying Political Science and QAMO. Exploring wilderness areas has provided her with unparalleled moments of growth, connection, and joy. She's passionate about equity in the outdoors and is excited to work on expanding the reach and inclusivity of Wasatch as this year's platform manager.

Sofia Sant’Anna-Skites

Print Editor

Sofia is a fourth year student studying modern dance and English at the U. She enjoys covering mileage in the gorgeous landscapes of Utah, as well as spreading outdoor-love and safely bringing other people outside. She is excited to continue her work with Wasatch, serving as a co-editor for the 2020-2021 academic year. Sofia is committed to becoming an anti-racist, and hopes to inspire strong allyship...

Steve Mammano

Digital Editor

My name is Steve and I am a fourth year Atmospheric Science student at the U. I am super passionate about anything that happens off of the ground. The way climate change is effecting outdoor recreation for us is the part of environmentalism that intrigues me the most. I have a severe addiction to paragliding, but am also an avid backcountry skier and climber. You can usually find me talking about the...

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