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Meet the University of Utah students that makes Wasatch run

Sierra Marty

Digital Editor

Sierra Marty is on her second year with Wasatch Mag, and is happy to be the digital editor this school year. She is currently studying social work, and also loves to spend time educating people about how to take care of the environment. Her favorite outdoor sports include trail running, peak bagging, national park exploring, and backpacking of course. Sierra is excited to see how Wasatch Magazine grows this school year, and to see how it will continue educating U of U students on the latest environmental news for the outdoors

Nick Halberg

Print Editor

Nick is a junior studying philosophy and economics. He started with Wasatch Mag two years ago, and now is happy to be co-leading the publication as the Print Editor. He is passionate about environmental issues, especially when they intersect with justice, and spends his time volunteering with organizations that deal with such issues. On weekends, he frequently disappears into the desert to explore the most technically difficult and remote slot canyons he can find, and is learning to multi-pitch climb, ice climb, and travel in avalanche terrain safely so he can break into mountaineering.

Lizz Corrigan

Staff Writer

Lizz Corrigan is a first-year Wasatch Magazine contributor and second-year graduate student. She writes for SLUG Mag, U of U Health, and is getting a masters degree in Instructional Design and Educational Technology. She likes to trail run year-round in the foothills, and wanders around the west chasing new rivers to fish and trails to mountain bike with her dog, Waylon.

Kiffer Creveling

Staff Writer

Kiffer Creveling is a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering studying the strength of adhesion between the vitreous and retina of the human eye. He has been working with the Wasatch Magazine for five years now. Kiffer's favorite outdoor activity is skiing and snowboarding; whether that is downhill, telemark, snowboarding, or cross country skiing, he just loves the snow.

Peter Creveling

Staff Writer

Peter Creveling is currently a Ph.D. student at the U studying mechanical engineering and has been on the Wasatch team since 2015. His favorite outdoor activities include skiing and rock climbing, and he can be commonly spotted on the slopes of Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon year round.

Dan Belding

Staff Writer

Dan is a Senior in the Communication department at the University of Utah following the Journalism sequence- he has been with Wasatch as a journalism intern since June 2018. When Dan isn’t working on his degree or a new piece for Wasatch he can be found snowboarding at Brighton or boating with friends at Jordanelle.

Chaunce Shrewsbury

Staff Writer

Chaunce Shrewsbury is a new writer to Wasatch Magazine starting this semester and is a senior student at the University of Utah. Transferring after two years from SLCC with a focus on Anthropology, Chaunce is now studying journalism under the Communications Degree program at the U. Chaunce’s favorite outdoor activities consist of fishing, camping, and hiking. He typically enjoys these activities near Escalante. Chaunce currently works at the U doing security for Utah’s Natural History Museum.

Annie Duong

Staff Writer

Annie is a major science geek with a love for the outdoors. Majoring in math, the freedom of the outdoors is the only way to escape her studious life.

Devin Valiquett

Staff Writer

Devin is currently a sophomore studying Finance at the University of Utah. He's from Park City, Utah, and his favorite things to do outside are ski, mountain bike and hike. This is his first year as a staff writer at Wasatch Magazine.

Kelly Loutzenheiser


Kelly Loutzenheiser is a freshman at the U, currently undeclared but thinking of going into nursing or environmental studies. She just recently joined Wasatch to help portray Salt Lake City's incredible outdoor opportunities to students. To her, the outdoors are a place of self growth and discovery; from skiing to hiking and camping and more, the mountains are her go-to whene