Editor’s Note, April 2016


I can’t swim.

If you think that’s as embarrassing as I do, just know that I tried. I must have attempted swimming lessons at least 10 times as a kid. Nothing ever stuck. They’d put me in a pool, and I’d flail and flounder (even when wearing my special seahorse arm floaties) until they pulled me out.

I’m more resigned to the fact now. When my dad asks, with the fatherly love and concern only he can project, what I’m going to do if there’s a flood, my nonchalant response is always, “Drown, probably.” In all honesty, I’m playing the odds in the hope that someone invites me on their giant ark if it ever comes to that, although I’m particularly skeptical that my survival skills need to include preparation for Old Testament-level inundation.

But though I’m water-averse, it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the occasional aquatic escapade, particularly those where I can watch from afar or that involve heavy-duty life jackets, and that’s what we’ve dedicated this issue of Wasatch Magazineto: water adventures for everyone — both the swimming-capable and the water-handicapped (trust me, you can’t be more so than myself).

Inside these pages, you’ll find stories for thrill-seekers on kayaking and rafting, as well as some for the more timid among us, including hiking to a lake to fish. We’ve also got a beautiful photo spread of Utah’s most iconic water source, the Great Salt Lake, and a gear guide to keep you dry.

So no matter how you like your water, there is something for any adventurer: Even if you, like me, can’t swim (which hopefully isn’t as embarrassing as I think it is).

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