An Overview of What Your Favorite Ski Resorts Are Doing for the Environment


Photo by Kiffer Creveling


Maura is the Sustainability Coordinator for Alta Ski Resort. Maura was a sort of guru in
the Wasatch resorts, paving a sustainability road for other resorts, such as Solitude and
Snowbird, to follow. She does not just focus on the environment but rather on the economic,
social, and environmental sustainability of the resort. Alta Resort is part of the Sustainable
Slopes program, started by the NSAA. This program provides a framework for ski resorts on
how to enhance their environmental performance and provides a rating for each resort on their


Tom is the Environmental Manager for Park City Ski Resort. He is an employee of Vail and
works specifically on the environmental impact from Park City. Vail Resorts are part of the Epic
Promise outline. In July of 2017, Vail resorts announced their Commitment to Zero– a pledge to
have a zero net carbon footprint by the year 2030. This means that in the next 10 years, Vail
resorts will reduce their landfill waste, their carbon emissions, and their operating impacts on
forests and habitats to nothing. This is an extremely bold pledge that is being accomplished by
offsetting energy usage, recycling, donating to organizations that rebuild and reconstruct forests,


Hilary is the Director of Sustainability and Water Resources at Snowbird.  She focuses on
three main things with her position: carbon footprint reduction, air and water quality, and
engagement with staff, guests, and the larger community. Snowbird was recently placed in the
top 10 most eco friendly resorts by Outside Magazine, which is a huge accomplishment
considering that Hilary has only been the sustainability director for three years. Snowbird
works along side with organizations such as Slow the Flow, Protect Our Winters, Trout
Unlimited, Tracy Aviary, etc. Hilary has also demonstrated the success of interns. She has
utilized 7 interns over the past 3 years from Westminster and the University of Utah to aid her
with her projects.


Solitude is the most recent Wasatch resort to jump on the sustainability train. A position was
recently created at Solitude resort that takes into account environmental impacts. Brighton Ski
Resort has no sustainability staff or environmental programs in place.