Camping in your Wasatch backyard


(Photo by Kamryn Broschinsky)

Camping is one of those great outdoor activities you can do year-round. Granted, it takes a little bit more experience and perseverance in the colder months, but it won’t be any less worth your while. Take a look at these three Wasatch campgrounds that show you some real outdoor hospitality.

Spruces Campground

Season Dates: May 27—Oct. 10

Located in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Spruces Campground is far enough away that you can feel like you’re experiencing the great outdoors but close enough to home that if you get scared of the dark it’s not a long trip back. The campsites are all nestled in a grove of shady spruce trees.

Spruces also has access to many trails, including Donut Falls. One of the great things about Spruces is that it stays open later than others, making it perfect for a Labor Day or Columbus Day getaway. It is also an optimal place to camp if you prefer to glamp rather than camp, as there are flush toilets in the outhouses and all the roads and parking areas are paved.

Albion Basin Campground

Season Dates: July 22—Sept. 4

Albion Basin Campground sits at the very top of Little Cottonwood Canyon at 9,500 feet and overlooks the Alta and Snowbird ski resorts. Albion Basin sees a flourish of flora and fauna in the summer months and is famous for being an Eden from June through July and eerily gorgeous in the fall as the aspens begin to change color. There are also several hikes easily accessible from the campground.

Redman Campground

Season Dates: June 17—Sept. 4

Another popular Big Cottonwood Canyon camp area is Redman Campground. Because Redman is up the road from Spruces, it offers a little bit more solitude and a lot less traffic. Redman has much to offer to the eager outdoorsy college student. Nearby recreational activities, such as hiking, biking, and fishing, offer plenty of options for family fun or some solo adventure.

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