Editor’s Note, August 2015



When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a professional explorer (sort of an Indiana-Jones-meets-Bear-Grylls type but with better hair and a flashier fanny pack).

On my exploits, I planned to bring with me only a compass, my disdain for maps, and an equal devotion to adventure — the fanny pack was just for looks, not utility, of course. I was prepared to fight off Sasquatch with my bare hands, discover a hidden treasure that was actually in plain sight all along and valiantly defend the sable fedora (you’re welcome, Harrison Ford).

But now that I’m older, I’ve realized that’s not exactly a profession, at least not one the IRS would recognize, so I save the adventuring for my free time. Luckily in Utah there’s plenty of opportunity for that and I don’t have to go without the chance to channel my inner Bear Jones (Indiana Grylls?).

With this month’s Wasatch Magazine, we want to help you, too, find your inner professional explorer with our “Summer Adventure” issue. Among these pages, you’ll find stories on rappelling down red rock cliffs, hiking to hidden lakes, and sliding through slot canyons. You can also check out our guides to camping in comfort and climbing outside your comfort zone.

So go ahead: have one last crusade before school starts.

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