Editor’s Note, February 2016


(Photo by Courtney Tanner) Photo credit: Courtney Tanner

I’ve never been one for romance.

Blame it on my low tolerance for pet names and my complete inability to talk to the opposite sex (the closest I’ve ever come to a significant other is drooling over Kevin Bacon in “Footloose”). To be frank, my relationship status comes straight from the “Friends” theme song: “Your love life’s DOA.”

All of these qualities come to the forefront during February — a month-long marathon of sickeningly sweet proclamations of affection and grown men dressed ridiculously as Cupid. But if you, too, are feeling always stuck in second gear, then this copy of Wasatch Magazine is for you.

Instead of saturating you with more conversation hearts or terrible rom-coms, we’ve stuffed this issue full of conversation-starting winter activities and terribly awesome photos of snow sports. We have captivating stories on ice climbing and speed skating. So
instead of endlessly scrolling through Tinder, try snowshoeing for the first time, or hit up one of the locations on our best places to sled list. Buy yourself a valentine after checking out our gear review of hats and gloves.

Most of all, we want you to find the romance in getting outside this February for some winter adventures.

— Courtney Tanner

Wasatch Editor