Reduce, Reuse, Refill with Foster’s Refillery


Foster's Refillery Staff

Foster’s Refillery opened up shop about a month ago, but the business is already making a splash in the Salt Lake City reusable market. Refilleries work to reduce the need for single-use plastics. Rather than buying new plastic-packaged products every time you need shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion or all-purpose cleaner, now you reuse containers that may be empty. 

The founder of Foster’s Refillery, Hannah Foster, was first exposed to this concept while working at an eco-store in the small town of Raglan, New Zealand. Her savings had run dry, and she was lucky enough to land a job at the Herbal Dispensary while crashing in her employer’s spare room. The Herbal Dispensary carries innovative eco-friendly makeup and home accessories, but many of the products can have a large price tag. Expensive green-washed products and whitewashed marketing make mainstream environmentalism exclusive. However, the idea of refilling empty containers totally captured Foster’s imagination. Although the refillery products were all eco-friendly, they were by and large more affordable. Buying bulk kept prices low because wholesale purchases could forgo packaging and labeling costs.

Customers seemed excited about the refillery portion of the store, however, this feature comes with several inconveniences. Patrons must remember their own jars and haul them around. They also need to know the process and understand the weighing and taring procedure — not to mention that refilling is time-consuming and messy. By the time Foster left her job at Herbal Dispensary, she had committed herself to opening a more convenient and accessible version of the store. Foster’s Refillery adopts and adapts the classic milkman model — orders are delivered right to your doorstep. All purchases are made online and one of their hotshot bikers will refill your jars, jugs and containers. They fill your goods, weigh them and send you a PayPal charge. Foster’s Refillery understands the urgency of protecting our planet but also knows that change needs to fit the framework of modern life.

All Foster’s Refillery products are eco-friendly and never tested on animals. While working at Herbal Dispensary, Foster was inspired by the community-building power that locally-owned businesses generate. Because of this and countless other positive experiences with local business owners, Foster’s Refillery makes carrying several locally made products a priority, and all merchandise is printed in Utah with ethically sourced material.  

Inclusivity lies at the center of the Foster’s Refillery ethos. They are partnered with the environmental chapter of Imaginemos Utah an organization that focuses on developing Latinx leaders in advocating for environmental justice. For their first month that they were open, the new refillery donated 100% of the proceeds from jar sales to Imaginemos Utah. They are excited about future projects together, and to see where their partnership will take them. 

You can find Foster’s Refillery online at and on instagram @fosters_refillery.