Gear Review: Farm to Feet


Peter Creveling

Full assortment of both casual and athletic socks produced by Farm to Feet

We wear socks almost every day. In a way, everyone is a sock expert. People look at various aspects such as length, fit, or thickness when it comes to the socks that they wear. It’s critical to pinpoint the exact characteristics of socks that truly make them great. Below, I break down the Farm to Feet brand socks.

The first thing you should consider when picking out socks to wear is whether or not you can picture yourself wearing them in the first place. With hiking, technical and everyday socks designed and made by Farm to Feet, I can honestly say that their designs are very appealing (even more so, sexy). These socks will catch your eye, and even those of others.

On a technical side, these socks are made from wool. When it comes to moving around or requiring yourself to be in shoes or boots for hours on end, the best material is wool, bar none. Wool is the only material that you can trust to handle the moisture effectively and consistently. There have been too many times in my life I put on a typical cotton pair when venturing into the outdoors, only to be sorely reminded at the end of the day of my mistake by my numerous blisters.

Another major feature to consider about socks is their mobility within your shoe as you perform various exercises. A sock, no matter how well it fits or how comfortable it feels, is pushing for punishment if it moves around endlessly in your shoe. I can remember a time when I was backpacking for an extended period of time and I had to continuously take care of my feet due to the poor quality of my socks moving around on my feet. Don’t make the same mistake as I did. Farm to Feet socks are designed specifically mold to the contours of your feet and resist any instances of sliding.

There are many socks currently on the market that have the same attributes as designed by Farm to Feet, but keep this incoming brand in mind when you are looking at upgrading or adding new gear to your arsenal for the outdoors. Don’t underestimate the new guy on the block— Farm to Feet just might take you by surprise. I know I would be happy to be wearing their socks on my feet in the future.