Get Some Gear, Save Some Money


Nik Benko

Photos by Nik Benko

Nik Benko, Intern

It’s no secret that Utah contains nearly endless opportunities for year-round outdoor recreation. In a state that experiences the full gamut of the seasonal weather cycle, it is nearly impossible to be a one-sport athlete focused on a single activity month after month. The great diversity in these options, however, creates a demand for an equally diverse set of equipment. Obtaining and maintaining the quiver necessary to ski laps under Little Cloud in February, bomb Bobsled in May, pack through the pines in August and send Super Crack in November can be hard on the wallet. Luckily, the size of the outdoor community in the greater Salt Lake area supports a healthy market for used sporting equipment.

There are several different marketplaces for secondhand gear, ranging from the KSL classifieds to the DI, but by far, my favorite place to get gear on the cheap is through the many consignment shops scattered throughout the valley. Going the consignment route over app-based markets like KSL or Craigslist can save a lot of the hassle that comes from trying to organize meeting times and locations with sellers that can be fickle, unresponsive or even downright sketchy. Additionally, I’ve found that the staff at consignment shops do a decent job at setting expectations for sellers, and therefore, gear is priced more reasonably than on some apps.

So, if you’re new to Salt Lake City or have just been living under a rock for all these years, here are a few must-visit locations when you hunting for your next back-country bargain:

Second Tracks: If you’re in the market for an updated set of skis, a snowboard or just a second jacket for those really cold chairlift rides, Second Tracks in Millcreek should be high on your list of places to visit. They start accepting consignments for winter gear mid-September, and the store is fully stocked with snow-sport equipment by late October. In the meantime, check out their selection of used bikes and equipment for other accessories for summer sports.

The Gear Room: When it comes to secondhand rock climbing gear, these guys have you covered. Almost all of the climbing gear I’ve added to my rack since moving to Salt Lake has come from them. If you find yourself at the top of the Coffin wishing you had just one more finger-sized cam, then plug in a nut for safety, and after, look up The Gear Room on your way out of the canyon. They also have a decent selection of items for winter sports, camping and hiking, and are the go-to local spot for resoling rock shoes.

Honorable Mention—IME: If you want to support a local retailer, walk around the corner from REI and pop into IME. They carry mostly new equipment, but they have a secret backroom filled with hidden treasures.

Next time you are in the market for a piece of gear, do your wallet (and the environment) a favor by considering buying used local goods.