Get your gear and adventure on: Reviews of rental equipment from Outdoor Adventures

Get your gear and adventure on: Reviews of rental equipment from Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventures has 8,500 square feet filled with everything you could ever want to explore with. It’s like the Mary Poppins bag of equipment rental stores; it just never seems to end. With new gear purchased every year and cheap prices, the gear center will get you ready for any adventure you have planned.

Mountain Bikes

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GT Avalanche Elite 27.5”

With mountain bike trails practically on campus, it’s easy to fit in a full day of biking even after classes. Crawl over rocks while staying comfortable on this durable, tough aluminum frame. While it is targeted to beginners, this bike handles almost every terrain and the 27.5 inch wheels roll easier than smaller ones. Comes with patch kit, pump and helmet.

Cost: $25 a day, $50 a weekend

Number of bikes: 15

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Inflatable Kayaks

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NRS Maverik II

Easy to use, lightweight and sturdy, it’s everything you could dream of in an inflatable kayak. Plus, a self-bailing system keeps you worry-free when water splashes into the boat. For beginners and experienced kayakers, it is reliable and transportable, with carrying straps on the side. With the ease of blowing it up, deflating it and rolling it up, you’ll feel like you’ve cheated. The comfy seats will make it so your never want to leave.

Number of kayaks: 26


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Black Diamond Momentum DS

Tailored for entry-level climbers, this harness is comfortable, durable, and fits just about everyone. The double-backed, Speed Adjust buckles on the waist and legs take one less check out of your list before you “climb on.” Four gear loops and a haul loop that holds up to 12-kilonewton means you can feel safe and secure as you explore all the rocks Utah has to offer.

Cost: $4 a day, $6 a weekend

Number of harnesses: 35

Sizes: XS-M, L-XL


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Black Diamond Half Dome

The keyword here is adjustable. These helmets fit snugly on your head and lock under your chin, keeping you safe from rock fall with you barely noticing 12 oz. of hard plastic. It’s on the heavy side, but these guys are durable and are sure to keep your noggin safe from falling rocks and ice.

Cost: $3 a day, $4 a weekend

Number of helmets: too many to count!

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