Have Fun in the Sun at Newport Beach


Newport Beach is the perfect destination for a Spring Break trip with friends. Located in southern California, there are endless things to do here while basking in the warm sun.

The drive from Salt Lake City to Newport Beach takes about 10 hours, heading south on I-15 (which passes through Las Vegas). Once you cross the border into California, you’ll see the relatively new thermal solar power facility. The next scenic viewpoint is the world’s largest thermometer in the town of Baker — the heart of the Mojave Desert. Because you’ll be traveling to one of the major fruit production states in the country, you will have to pass through a checkpoint to ensure you’re not smuggling fruit into California. The last pass you go through before entering the Los Angeles basin is El Cajon. Here, you’ll be able to see the back side of the mountains directly behind the big city.

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Once you get close to Newport Beach, you’ll be able to see the ocean and smell the salt water. The streets are numbered from where the ships enter the harbor. The main Newport pier is located near 21st street. There you can find local beach shops and restaurants to spend your evening.

Rest up for your next day at the beach because the early bird definitely catches the worm here. If you want to see an amazing fish market at the Dory Fishing Fleet, you’ll need to get to the beach by 5:30 a.m. to see the fresh catch of the day. People line up along the boardwalk waiting to purchase shrimp and seafood. Even the seagulls will wait for the leftovers. If you are lucky, there will be yellow-fin tuna and sashimi.

When you’re done, walk out to the end of the pier to catch a few sea lions just lounging around in the water. You can see up and down the coast all the way from the Corona Del Mar up to Huntington Beach.

Most folks in Newport exercise by running, rollerblading, biking, or long-boarding. I recommend renting a bike and riding down the Wedge to the Balboa Peninsula. There you can see amazing waves and some body surfers.

The lifeguards at Newport Pier will put up various flags to indicate whether the ocean is open or being watched for safety. The green flag means that it is safe to surf, while the flag with a black ball means you can’t surf, but you can boogie board.

Either way, set your towel in a good spot to sunbathe, nap, rest, read, play Frisbee, build a sand castle, or just hang out. Make sure to lather up in sunscreen before you do all of your beach activities.

I suggest driving to the nearby Huntington Beach to watch the world-renowned local surfers at their sport. There are also some fun shops to visit in the area. When you’re done, head back to Newport and make sure to stop by Seaside Donuts Bakery to get the local “cronut” (a croissant and donut mixed together). It’s a delicious way to end your trip.

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