Lakes in the Wasatch Provide Fishing, Tranquility


Photo credit: Kiffer Creveling

Nothing beats a relaxing day of fishing in the mountains. On top of that, almost every lake in the Wasatch is surrounded by a 360-degree panorama of beautiful scenery.

One of the easiest lakes to get to in the Wasatch is Silver Lake, located at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon — a great place to practice your technique — which is only 30 minutes away from Salt Lake City. This lake is stocked with fish from local hatcheries, as well as those resulting from natural breeding in the rich oxygen environment of the fresh mountain streams that feed the lake.

One thing to note about Silver Lake is that it is located in a watershed area; if you decide to walk to your ideal fishing spot, you need to have proper waders to prevent skin contact with the water so it stays clean. A good rule of thumb for wading is to never go in the water above your waist because that can quickly turn into a safety concern (i.e., putting you in a possible drowning situation).

Most other fishing spots in the Wasatch will require you to hike. Some of the great trails include Lake Mary, Lake Blanche, and Red Pine Lake.

There are two peak times to catch fish in any lake. The absolute best way to know when to fish is to see with your eyes when the fish are biting. You’ll notice by looking at the water when the fish surface to eat bugs, as there will be subtle and small ripples. Try your best when you are bait- or fly-fishing to land the hook near some of these ripples.

Some of the best flies to catch fish with in the Wasatch are the renegade, the elk-hair caddis, the captain, Griffith’s gnat, and a few of the dry nymphs. You’ll need some floatant if you decide to go with dry flies. Another great wet fly is the lake leach. Always, always take extra flies and leaders so as not to end your fishing trip too early if you lose one.

You will need to get a fishing license before you head out. An annual license costs $34, but you can also get a day pass.

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