Letter From the Editor


Steve Mammano, Editor

“What is wilderness? It’s mankind’s acknowledgment that there is a higher value, a higher purpose. It ceases to be wilderness when we’re here. But we are its stewards. It is vital to our souls. It is the source of much of our inspiration.”  – Martin Litton

During the start of this new year, we are not only entering a new semester. Everything seems to be changing, slowly, but simultaneously all at once. Leadership transitions, policy changes, an ever-increasing workload, and a society that seemingly always wants to keep your senses occupied are quick to have us forget simplicity. Simple inspiration can take our minds to the place we want it most, regardless of where we are. The quiet of the desert, rocking of turbulence in the sky, or flow of a river are for me the places that are a mental escape.

As a publication, our largest goal and aspiration is to give some inspiration to remind you what is most important. We are excited to be entering into this new chapter of Wasatch Online. Now you can get our top stories directly to your inbox at the beginning of each month with our newsletter. We hope that this will allow you to have a moment of inspiration and help appreciate the amazing outdoor community that we are blessed to have here in Utah and beyond. From artist features to trip reports to conservation efforts, our staff will provide you the best outdoor stories in the state.

So take a moment to read and get inspired – think about that trip you have been wanting to go on. Bag that peak, ski that line or go down that river with friends you haven’t seen in a while. Thank you for following along with us and we look forward to all the stories to come.

Happy trails and skies to all,

Steve Mammano

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