Meet the Crimson Outing Club, the Newest Outdoor Adventures Club On Campus


Ever wanted to backpack into the Uintas or learn to kayak?


Most students do, but few know how to get there. The Crimson Outing Club at the University of Utah is a social outdoors club- they specialize in hiking, backpacking, and anything outdoors! The last backpacking trip was to Escalante, Utah, where members explored waterfalls and snow capped scenery. The trips cost between $10 and $15, depending on gas money and how much equipment is rented from the University, but the average trip only requires a water bottle and a good pair of hiking shoes.


“We want new members,” says Nguyen Tran, the president of the Outing Club. One member, Casey McFarland, elaborates, saying, “This club offers an amazing opportunity to try new things and to make open-minded, adventurous friends you’ll want to keep forever!” Hiking takes time, so why not meet some people while you get your steps in?


Never hiked? Getting outdoors can be challenging, especially when everyone seems to be a “professional outdoorsman,” but don’t let that stop you! Crimson Outing Club welcomes all members- regardless of skill or background. Photo opportunities abound on or off the trail, and whether you want to race to the top of the mountain or smell the flowers on the way, you’ll find you fit right in.


Not too sure about the outdoors but like free food? Well the Club has that as well! Stopping by the Pi for late night snacks after hikes has become tradition, and members are always eager to share snacks and healthy recipes. Movie nights and social activities are also a part of the club, with the main goal being to meet new people at the U. Interested in what the Club has done so far?

Follow @crimsonoutingclub on Facebook and Instagram for weekly updates, as well as a link for the email list. It’s never too late to join.

The Crimson Club is one of the newer additions to the U, and just started this February, so there’s plenty of room for growth! If there’s something you want to try, the club can help you get there. Future trips will include backpacking, snowshoeing, and movie nights, so be sure to come with ideas. There are also opportunities to network with outdoor equipment companies like Backcountry and Outdoor Adventures, so be sure to sign up! We hope to see you soon!