Scarred and Un-broke

Wild stallion bucks his head

challenging muzzles

Romping in the west desert of Utah

They live free amongst the sagebrush clinging to the hillside

A relentless wind rustles their mane

Magnifying glory

Their coats are scarred

Brandings from a territory once fought for

instincts instruct battle

A struggle for dominance illustrated on their backs

 Hoofs pound the Earth

Soil breaks to dust

dirt envelops a once blue sky

Trot turns to gallop

  Gallop to sprint

And sprint to race

A race through the desert

Entertainers of no audience

Their majestic eyes

Bulging muscles

Sweeping tails

Do not seek to impress

They simply are

Brave in their fury and loyal to their herd

They pray aggressively on their hind legs

 A testament to an absence of human control

Their prayer powerfully echoes their strength

A strength unfiltered and un-broke