Spice Up Your Next Adventure


We’ve all silently moaned while pulling out the contents of our food for a weekend backpacking trip. Oatmeal for breakfast, crackers and summer sausage for lunch, and mac and cheese for dinner. And then it’s the same thing the next day. If you want to treat your taste buds while on the trail, Mountain House has you covered. With its two new dehydrated meals — the Spicy Southwest Breakfast Hash and the Chicken Fajita Bowl — you will get unique flavors in each bite.

Blended to Perfection

Many dehydrated meals end up morphing flavors and textures to become a mushy casserole, but you can taste each ingredient in these two dishes — the corn, the shredded beef, and the perfect amount of green chilies. Plus, you’ll also get a mix of vegetables and meat, so each bite has more kick to it than all those mashed potatoes you’re usually chowing down. Ditch the Cholula. The breakfast hash has a few dashes of it already.

Energy Boosting

The breakfast hash provides 11 grams of protein per serving, and the fajita bowl has a whopping 20 grams of protein. After hiking, climbing, or paddling outside all day, it’s nice to give your muscles the recovery they need. They also have some healthy fats to replenish your body’s stores to keep you moving.


Either eat the food straight from the package, load it into tortillas, or use it as a topping on crackers. It’s good any way you want to try it. Although one of the options has “breakfast” in its title, that shouldn’t limit your thinking. Eat either as a filler for breakfast burritos, or you can even a hot meal by the campfire at the end of the day.


Each pouch weighs about 4 ounces, and it contains two servings. They are a little pricey (both are $8.99 before tax), but think about all the money and time you would have spent buying all the meat, spices, and veggies, dehydrating them, and packing that into Ziploc bags. Plus, these meals are compact, and they can fit into the tight corners of your backpack.

These two meals overall get a 4.5/5. They taste great, and they are easy to cook, but the price does tip me over the edge a little bit. For those wanting to switch up the flavors of their next outdoor trip, you might as well give them a try.

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