Too Much Junk In Your Trunk

Annie Duong

Is there such a thing as too much junk in the trunk? Do you ever find yourself digging through a heaping pile of clothing, gear and other random items you’ve just chucked into the trunk of your car? Anyone with an unused backseat or any extra space in their car has faced the perpetual problem of keeping it clutter-free and organized. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, it’s most likely that you’ve run into this issue time and time again. As the warm seasons approach, I find that more and more gear begins to accumulate as more activities become available. The back of my car then suddenly turns into a wardrobe and equipment closet. So the real question is, how can one keep everything organized?


While there are products that are specifically made to help organize your trunk, there are plenty of inexpensive alternatives that can be found in any home improvement section of a store. If you take a glance at the back of your car, you see that it’s one large open space. Some cars may or may not have another compartment under the floor of the space but for the most part, we can utilize the space by adding more compartments. This can be done with any kind of box or tub and that’s it! Using an old laundry hamper, plastic storage tubs or even cardboard boxes can help split the space into different areas allowing you to organize all your items in any way you’d like. I took a short trip to Target to grab a plastic bin, but I was pleasantly surprised at how many options there were when it came to size, color and variety. 


Choosing different types of bins can be made super easy or if you’d really like to utilize your space, they can be chosen with a little more thought. Considering different types of bins can help organize items by relative size. If you have items like sports gear, camping accessories and other items, a large storage bin or two will suffice. Smaller items like personal hygiene products or smaller components can be stored in a smaller bin. Collapsible bins/totes can be another alternative if space is limited or if you need to be flexible the usage of that space. When adding bins, don’t forget to leave trunk space for the random stuff. Though it may be easy to fill the entire space with different storage containers, don’t forget to leave trunk space for daily use. Space for groceries and other errands will be needed! 


Now you’ll never think “I know it’s in here somewhere!” as you’re digging through your trunk. You can adventure with ease. 


Happy Organizing!