Top Mountain Biking Trails of the Wasatch


As summer scorches the Wasatch front, escape to the mountains and let the wind cool you down. Jump on these mountain biking trails, water bottle and helmet suggested, just a short drive from campus.


Bobsled is perfect for beginner and intermediate riders; the 1.5-mile trail descends almost 1,000 feet and is filled with easy-to-navigate terrain for newbies to get their feet wet. Technical corners and loose dirt periodically give you a chance to exercise newly developed skills. The beginning of the trail is the most difficult, so a keen eye and unwavering attention to detail is a must-have. This portion of the trail loosens you up in order to fully navigate the remainder of the trail.


The trail mellows into a straightforward approach with smoother corners at mile 2, an excellent place to test your limits and gain speed. You will notice many options to choose from depending on your skill level, so riders repeating Bobsled never get bored. The trail offers difficult obstacles including sharp turns and sudden drops for those willing to challenge themselves, but also has right-around routes (smaller trail that circumvents obstacles) for those less brave. The trailhead is located on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail via Popperton Park.

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

This classic trail covers 7 miles of Utah’s finest country with non-stop views- just remember to stop for sightseeing so you don’t end up over your handlebars. The climax of this trail is the Bobsled descent (which is well-earned through a tedious climb). Bonneville Shoreline is an extensive trail with many access points, but my favorite is to access via Bobsled, the aforementioned trail. Weaving through wide corners in and out of a ravine, the trail gradually narrows and riders, stay alert! The spectacular views of Salt Lake City may distract you. This trail is a moderate 3.2 miles and is mostly uphill. Save your energy; though, because the trail has a sharp incline before hitting level terrain. At this point, pull over and take a break before the descent. There are three forks in the trail- the middle fork contains the famous drop into Salt Lake City while the other two provide scenic routes through Ensign Peak. Bonneville Shoreline is located near Popperton Park. A paved trail found east of the parking area leads you to the trailhead.


Wasatch Crest

Wasatch Crest is the go-to spot for a day filled with mountain biking. There are extensive routes and trails spread out over Big Cottonwood and Mill Creek Canyons. For the beginner riders, rolling hills and gentle curves cross miles of forest. Endurance riders can climb Mill Creek Canyon’s Big Water Trail over the Wasatch Crest itself for a lengthy 20 mile round-trip. For the more experienced riders, Puke Hill presents a worthy challenge. Rightfully named, this hill sharply inclines hundreds of feet in under half a mile. The key is to pedal hard and not stop pedaling. Otherwise, you’ll end up like most before you – pushing your bike up the trail! Veterans, don’t feel left out. The Ice Age made “The Spine” just for you- a treacherous descent with rough terrain and rocky obstacles. The trailhead for Wasatch Crest is near Park City between Pine Cone and Great Connector.


Corner Canyon Trail

This collection of trails offers innumerable views and routes for everyone, such as Ghost Falls, Clark’s and the Rush. Ghost Falls and Clark’s are both uphill trails that provide a great workout for your legs. They feature ranging terrains with varying degrees of difficulty riders of all skill levels can enjoy. New riders, be prepared to pedal hard and take breaks often (bring snacks). The Rush is an exclusively downhill trail to provide a great line worry-free from uphill riders. The Rush is an exhilarating trail, but should only be attempted by those extremely at-home on their bikes.

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